Emotional Intelligence and diversity inclusion for businesses

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What is diversity inclusion?

Diversity inclusion training has been a hot topic that businesses are investing annually in the billions, but yet many continue to fall short of their goals.  To be effective, one must first learn what diversity inclusion is.

Diversity in the workplace is the understanding and valuing the differences between people, including their race, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation, economic standing, age, religion, education, skill sets, experiences and political party.

Inclusion is a collaborative effort for everyone to work together in a harmonious environment that gives the ability to work more collaboratively and be more innovative.

In order to reach a successful diversity inclusion program, one must learn to be self-aware, recognize their personal self-limiting beliefs, and understand their unconscious biases.

When the combination of diversity and inclusion is achieved, businesses reach a higher competitive advantage for success.

What are the best diversity inclusion practices found in the workplace?

  • Increased teamwork and collaboration

  • Fair treatment among employees

  • Equal access to opportunities

  • Operating from a growth mindset

  • Representation of all diversities in varying levels of the organization

  • Collaborative conflict resolution practices

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the heightened awareness of one's own emotions and that of others. 

It consists of managing and regulating these emotions  for problem solving and creating a more harmonious lifestyle.

By learning how to manage our emotions and how to respond vs. react in everyday life, we become positive role models through parenting, friendships, personal relationships and our careers.

Emotional Intelligence has been recognized as one of the fastest growing job skills by Forbes Magazine and Harvard Business Review.

Unlike IQ, Emotional Intelligence can be learned and is a must for every business organization!  People who are emotionally intelligent are better at handling pressure in the workplace, have better cooperation skills and are good listeners.  This in turn increases the bottom line of businesses.

What are the benefits of Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence affects all areas of our lives including personal relationships, professional, financial, and health & wellness.

Benefits include: happiness, fulfillment, increased health, productivity, patience, effective communication skills, innovation, reduction in stress and anxiety, empathy, effectively overcoming life's challenges and increased financial success.

How do I know if hiring Inez is right for me and my business?

Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to work in many different work environments including the following industries:

  • Corporate in NYC

  • Retail

  • Sales

  • Health / Wellness

  • Casino Industry

  • Education

  • Motherhood

  • Restaurants

My programs offer the following benefits:

  • Personal instruction and ease of access for questions 

  • Learning how to live in a positive mindset

  • Recognize fears and how to develop a "tool box" to move past them

  • Expand your personal awareness

  • Manage and adapt your emotional behaviors personally and in the workplace

  • Learning the practice of empathy

  • Improve communication skills - responding vs. reacting

  • Learning how to work collaboratively

  • Learning how to maximize your performance by working smarter

  • Create boundaries to keep negativity from controlling your life

Most of all, I love what I do and am committed to help businesses and individuals grow in a collaborative environment.

Want to know more? 

I provide a free 1 hour consultation to discuss your needs to see if I am the right fit for your business/ personal goals.